About us

Visit our e-commerce means discover our professional path: 50 years of experience in the furniture world. The seats of the companies for which we worked as agents appear in 4 and 5 star hotels, in small yet very exclusive hotel chains, clinics, universities, theaters, ice-cream parlours, coffee-bars, restaurants and private houses of the three German speaking countries: Germany, Switzerland and Austria, which we chose as our working area.
Needless to say, in these countries the essential requirements are seriousness, professionalism and reliability - and of course the quality of the products. One of our great strengths is the big direct knowledge of the production of one of the partners, who started his own production of tables and chairs at the end of the '60s. Have followed personally all stages of the production process to arrive to the finished product, always allowed us to not just "sell" a product, but to emphasize the strengths and advise our clients about the furniture that, in terms of design and functionality, better suited to their needs - both in contract and residential sector.

Another element in common of both partners is the passion for modern and contemporary design, and especially for the Made in Italy: we are proud to emphasize the peculiarities, the special - sometimes handcrafted - processing of products we offered, and which have always been our strength, in comparison with the standardized products of larger companies.
As times evolved and the distribution system changed, we felt the need to evolve too and move from the job of agents to direct sales, bringing our knowledge directly from the manufacturer to the end user, be it public or private premises. This allows us to offer high quality products at a very attractive price.

Here we are, that's us...
Our strong points are the professionalism of our experience, the passion for our work and the products we offer, and the constant research and development to offer very valuable objects, exclusively Made in Italy, but with better conditions than the traditional distribution system.
In addition to this fundamental economic aspect, we tried of course to curate also the aesthetic part, giving priority to products and an easy browsing, to sections such as blog and our newsletters about popular news and informations on topics related to the design world, or to the designer section, especially the ones of the Bauhaus.

After all, we hope that the visitor of these pages will be not only struck by the price of a product, but that he can also feel and appreciate the history, the particularity, the project standing behind the object. As at the beginning of our journey, we continue to be convinced that "sell" is a simplistic concept, and that interest and curiosity for the object are that added value that you will appreciate and remember as time passes by, as feature triggering your emotions and nourishing your personal sense of beauty.

With enthusiasm
Renzo Renzi - Francesca Mari