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BAUHAUS CLASSICS_Anonimo - Armchair AN_81 "Special Edition 2017"

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    Dimensions 76x83x75H cm


    Made in Italy Made in Italy
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    BAUHAUS CLASSICS - Armchair AN_81 "Special Edition 2017"

    Anonymous 1920 ca.

    - Made in Italy -

    "Anonymous Designer" is the expression we use for projects whose attribution is uncertain or unverifiable. This is the case of the "Tuxedo" armchairs and sofas, which owe their name to Tuxedo Park, an elegant and exclusive holiday resort close to Tuxedo Lake, New York, which has represented a reference point for elegance of the first decades of the twentieth century. The history of design is outlined by stories of talents that have not achieved fame. Bad luck? Their ideas were too innovative or were they ahead of their time? Perhaps, more simply, they did not receive individual recognition for ideas that were spreading in the creative community, helping to shape the taste of the era.


    Art. AN81 - Armchair in wood covered with foam and lined with polyester fiber. Foam cushions. Removable cover in "Fabric Special Edition Catalog 2017, Osborne and Little Ellington Fabric F6875-04".

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