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CLASSICI BAUHAUS_Anonimo - Upholstered Sofas AN_91, fabric Covering

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    Dimensions 98x90x93H cm


    Made in Italy by Arte&Design Made in Italy by Arte&Design
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    CLASSICI BAUHAUS - Upholstered Sofa AN_91, fabric Covering

    Anonimo 1920 ca.

    - Made in Italy -

    This model, is the result of the slow evolution of a type probably created after the First World War, which towards the mid-1920s became well known and highly appreciated. The characterist volute of the armrest is the stylization of the richer and more decorated motif that characterized the 19th century sofas.

    Art. AN91 - Sofa with wooden frame covered with foam and lined with polyester fiber. Foam cushions. Removable cover available in various fabrics.

    Dimensions 98x90x93H cm

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