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Tulip Table SA03- H73 Eero Saarinen - ROUND TOP WHITE CARRARA MARBLE

    Brief History of the Tulip Project

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    Made in Italy by Arte&Design Made in Italy by Arte&Design
    to be mounted to be mounted
    100% Made in Italy certified product. See the official certification document here.

    BAUHAUS CLASSICS - Tables with round Top in white Carrara marble, lacquered aluminium base.

    Eero Saarinen

    - 100% Made in Italy -

    Re-edition of the Eero Saarinen's 1956 "Tulip Table" design, the table has a base in lacquered aluminum fusion and white Carrara marble top.

    -base Ø cm 50x73H - for tops from Ø cm 80 to Ø cm 127;
    -base Ø cm.70x73H - for tops from Ø cm137 to Ø cm 180;

    -Glossy finishing, laquered black or white. Matt finishing or RAL colours only upon request.

    Upon request even the only base is available, complete with undertop 20 mm thick in the same finishing of the base. The undertop is necessary to mount and for the stability of the table.

    Top - in White Carrara marble, thickness mm. 20, bevelled edge. Glossy finishing.

    Tops with a matte finishing can be provided without any price increase, but with delivery times longer than 2 weeks compared to those with a glossy finishing.

    Marble is a natural stone, so each top is different from each other as is evident from the photos published above with some examples of marble blocks. The anti-stain treatment does not allow a total protection. Wine, oil, coke, coffee can cause damages to the surface of the top, unless you don't clean it immediately. We suggest to clean the top only with soft cloth moistened with water.

    On request we can supply tops with polyester coating; however, we specify that this finishing over time may alter the color of the top, yellowing it.

    Available sizes:

    Ø cm 80 (4 pers.) - Ø cm 90 (4/5 pers.);
    Ø cm 100 (5 pers.) - Ø cm 107 (5/6 pers.) - Ø cm 120 (6 pers.);
    Ø cm 127 (6/7 pers.) - Ø cm 137 (7 pers.) - Ø cm 150 (7/8 pers.);
    Ø cm 160 (8/9 pers.) - Ø cm 170 (9 pers.) - Ø cm 180 (9/10 pers.)

    Shipping times: If available on stock 1-2 weeks from order confirmation. Otherwise 3-4 weeks.

    PLEASE NOTE!!! For graphic reasons, the colors of published objects may be different from the original ones. This does not constitute reason for contesting the product.