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Arkitectura – Bird 9KK-1800 white

    Price: 265,00
    Size: H 21 cm


    Made in Italy Made in Italy
    ARKITECTURA – Bird 9KK-1800 white

    Design Aldo Londi (1911-2003)

    Manifattura Bitossi Ceramiche Artistiche The collection ARKitectura was created by Aldo Londi, ceramicist Art master, and it features animal shapes, simplified into synthetic almost symbolic signs combined in a few sketches and eseential colours: white, black and platinum. After so many years these subject still maintain alive their initial freshness of expression. They almost represent a domestic bestiary, an allegory of nature: birds, fishes, cats conceived to be like sweet companions of our voyage.

    Art. Arkitectura – Bird 9KK-1800 white - base made of Perspex

    Size: H 21 cm

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