Bitossi Ceramiche

Riedizioni - Aldo Londi - INV 1626 Pig bowl Platinum

Dimensions: cm. 6H x 24L
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Riedizioni - Aldo Londi - INV 1626 Pig Bowl Platinum

Design Aldo Londi (1911-2003)

Manifattura Bitossi Ceramiche Artistiche

This specific collection features some re-editions in limited number of some of the most significant ceramics made across 1950-1970 by the Manifattura Bitossi. This is an opportunity to re-think and appreciate these objects that, with their innovative qualities, represent the complex and creative trail of Master Aldo Londi.

Art. Aldo Londi - INV 1626 Pig Bowl Platinum

Size: cm 6H x 24L

Limited edition 399 Pcs

Packing is a gift box with Warranty Certificate with the serial number of the item.

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PLEASE NOTE: Each piece of the Re-Editions ’50-’70 has been made by hand by our master ceramicists who at all times respect the original design features.
The clays have been made following the same features and recipes as those used at the time the originals were made. On the surface of the objects there may be some small marks that derive from the nature of ceramics. These features demonstrate the uniqueness of each piece and the faithful execution in line with the original piece. Patterns and decorations have been made by hand with precious glazes and several firing phases. The production is achieved following old recipes and formulae that are still preserved in our archive.
Every object is numbered by hand and provided with its own certificate with a picture and its number in the edition guaranteeing its authenticity.

Only for decorative purposes.

PLEASE NOTE!!! For graphic reasons, the colors of published objects may be different from the original ones. This does not constitute reason for contesting the product.