2019, many new products ready to conquer you

Published: Wednesday 23 January 2019-
2019 will bring with it many new features. New products, carefully selected to satisfy your tastes and your desires. To intrigue you, to conquer you, to give birth to emotions and amazement. Because this is precisely what we are trying to do since the birth of Italian Design: to find out for you the best products on the market, the most particular, to tell you about a side of design that entertains, combining aesthetics and functionality, that brings in your homes a touch of joy and style, the lines of the past or the design of the future.

In the coming weeks, you will find on the site a new selection of objects for the dining and kitchen and an enriched collection reserved for four-legged friends. Because the success of the Aristograffi has been enormous, and we are looking for new objects that can make the joy of your (and our) four-legged friends. We will continue to offer you the most interesting ideas that Italian brands - and not only - are born, to offer you the objects you have always dreamed of but also, and above all, those that you did not think could exist. But of which soon you will not be able to do without.

From the objects to make your table extraordinary to the most interesting lighting on the market, 2019 will be a succession of news on our website. To which we will accompany, as always, promotions. And the sale of those classics items of design that industry admirers can not not know. And they can not not have. Starting with the Saarineen tables, and up to the Bitossi products: centerpieces, vases, furnishing objects signed by the most prestigious names and by the most experimental designers, to conquer you day after day. And to make you open our shop, every time, with curiosity and emotion.

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TABLE INTRECCIO - Matrix International -Table with base in lacquered cast-iron, structure in birch plywood, top in Calacatta Vagli Oro marble

4.897,20 -35%-5% 3.024,02 VAT included
TABLE INTRECCIO - Table with base in lacquered cast iron, structure in birch plywood, Calacatta Vagli Oro marble Top

Paolo Portoghesi Design 2016

- 100% Made in Italy

The Intreccio table designed by Portoghesi for Matrix "... expresses the desire to give birth to the form of the constructive and formal ...

PRETA Collection - set of 6 ceramic soup plates

56,00 -25%-5% 39,90 VAT included
Arcucci - Petra Collection

Handcrafted collection made with a gauzed mold that gives the product its particular raw imprint. The ceramic biscuit is cooked at 850 °, the next color dip is done by hand and fixed with a second firing at 1050 °. The drying is not carried out "lying down" but on a particular