Contemporary art, 5 style tips for furnishings

Published: Thursday 16 July 2020-
Contemporary art what a passion, even at home. The signs are clear: the latest furnishing trends are pop style, inspired by the most original and avant-garde artistic expressions of the current creative season. Explosive colors and irregular shapes also find their place in the living rooms with classic taste and furniture, in the Spartan studios of professionals, in the bedrooms of adults and teenagers. This was how the contemporary furniture is born. Starting from the school of Andy Warhol, it enjoys replicating the walls of the home with the creative vision of the great artists.

In the contemporary art section of Italian Design the pictorial action of Sardelli stands out. The distribution of plastic masses that are contained in the physical space of the frame unleashes the imagination. Still in the contemporary art section, Valter Viviani's experimental painting makes you want a pop revolution in the furnishings of your home. The use that the artist makes of unconventional materials and supports such as wood, fiberglass, aluminum, multi-material sandwich and sound-absorbing panels, suggests a change of concept that goes beyond the classic mahogany and marble.

How to reproduce this style in the living room at home, how to start taking the first steps to transform a simple, and a little banal, furniture into a contemporary furniture? How to marry home furnishings perfectly with some contemporary works you just bought? You can follow simple tricks of the masters of design: so, without too much effort, you can revolutionize your furniture in the name of trendy art.

Tips for contemporary decor

The fundamental rule of style, to be kept in mind before entering the vademecum of contemporary furniture, is not to trivialize. Printing reproductions of Marilyn Monroe from the web, in various colors, and then covering them with plexiglass, is acceptable only in the furnishing of the teen rooms.

Preserving originality, enhancing the subjective taste in the furnishings, is the right way to enter the creative spirit of the contemporary, allergic to patterns. The style tips, proposed below by Italian Design, are simple suggestions to start entering the concept of a very original and customizable furniture:

Enhance the corridor. Starting from a relatively small space that rarely is the center of attention can be very useful for experimenting. Decorate it with paintings, reproductions or even brightly colored furniture, preferably choosing contrasting colors and objects with little geometric shapes.

Take advantage of the lights. Opt to revitalize the false ceiling in all home environments to arrange, for example, adjustable led spotlights. The spaces are made more welcoming and, with a particular play of light and shadow, the atmosphere will be more contemporary than ever.

Change the kitchen. Size is not important: the kitchen is a micro world. It is possible to enhance its conviviality with solid wood furniture, to which to combine different pop style furnishing accessories. The metallic grey of the surfaces, for a contemporary effect, offers glamorous and futuristic-like chromatic cues.

Unleash your imagination in decorations. Style is without rules, the only guideline is: "space for creativity". The technique is the writing wall, written on the wall, which inspires greater personalization. The furniture is updated by mixing with letters to compose texts, compositions of numbers and VIP images through stickers, suitable for the bedroom, living room and even the bathroom.

Play with materials. The final touch in the wake of contemporary artists is a multi-material decor. In the use of innovative materials, Corian stands out for the kitchen, as much as porcelain stoneware for floors, with its numerous effects available on the market such as wood, stone and marble.

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