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Cucù Dotto - Desk or wall cuckoo clock Art. 157

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    Size: cm 19,5x14x23H;


    Made in Italy Made in Italy
    Cucù Dotto - Desk or wall cuckoo clock Art. 157

    Designed by Nicola D'Apollo


    Art. 157 Cucù Dotto - Desk or wall cuckoo clock;

    Dotto borrows its name from the character of the Disney classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, but with the cuckoo clock he has only a love of culture in common. Thanks to the shape of the sheet metal roof, the desk clock allows you to place a book and start reading again, where it was interrupted, a sort of bookmark impossible to lose at home. The clock thus becomes physically the object that has the task of acting as a reminder in reference to the exact page in which the partial reading of a book has arrived.

    The bell is activated on the hour and reproduces the cuckoo song with echo and background sound of woodland with stream; it can be deactivated and is adjustable on two levels of intensity.

    Night function: a sensor automatically turns off the ringer when the room where the watch is located is darkened.

    Lacquered MDF case - Lacquered metal roof;

    Finishes available:
    white case, light blue roof RAL 5012;
    white case, red roof RAL 2002;

    Power supply with 3 C / LR14 / 1,5V alkaline half torches;

    Size: cm 19.5x14x23H;

    24 months from the date of the invoice;

    for the indicated period, on all parts of the product for malfunctions attributable to operating defects.
    Not valid for defects due to improper use.

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