Stefano Sardelli

FOLLIE - Plasticromia on wooden frame

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    Dimensions: cm 100x100


    Artist: Stefano Sardelli
    Presentation of the artwork:
    "every man transmits a silent language fruit of his past, his nature, his beliefs and fixations, moods; something magical and often unconscious that brings all races, social classes and religions on the same level.
    Artists are skilled observers, especially when you observe what surrounds you with music in your ears; and you only see the voiceless movements; crazy films are made seeing the repetitive and unusual habits of some people who propose feats on the edge of the unimaginable, something insanely delicate because most people don't notice it ... So it is right to stop and think even when everything seems crazy "

    Dimensions: 100x100 cm
    Year of realization: 2018
    Technique: Plasticromia on wooden frame
    The work is made by using nylon plastics already colored at the origin, stretched to the frame as if they were a real canvas. The nuances of the colors and their fixing between them is due to a free flame combustion that is exerted on the surface of the work.
    This work is the cover of the catalog of the personal exhibition "Synthetic Process" which was held at Palazzo Bastogi in Florence, seat of the Regional Council of Tuscany.
    Price: € 966.00
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    Biography of the artist:
    Stefano Sardelli, artist from the Sienese province (Poggibonsi), has been working with plastic materials since 2010, making a linguistic synthesis that, born from a strong pictorial sensitivity of American pop matrix with an evident 80s taste, is defined over the years in a capable compositional process to extract a personal idea of ​​"image" from abandoned plastics. Synthetically, the pictorial action of Sardelli is a game of distribution of plastic masses that are contained in the physical space of the frame, creating a new palpability. Their colors and volumes are rebalanced by developing that detachment between the real materiality of use of plastics and a more narrative and popularizing repercussion. Each of his works, subjected to an incessant process of reification, claims a profound specificity that is never an act of unawareness but a recognition of what reality can be and its continuous development. Stefano Sardelli, whose works are present in numerous Italian and foreign private collections, is an active promoter of the visual arts in the Sienese province through the initiatives of the "Estrosi" cultural association, of which he is founder and vice president.

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