Valter Viani

INTRIGANTI TRAME - Inserts and acrylics

    Price: 403,00
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    Dimensios 35 x 60 x 5 cm



    Artist: Valter Viani
    Presentation of the artwork:
    "The spiral is omnipresent in my works because for me it represents a constant and ever-changing inner search. And along this path weaves, passions, deceptions ... joys and sorrows!"

    Dimensions: 35 x 60 x 5 cm
    Year of realization: 2019
    Technique: Mixed technique, combustion, inserts and acrylics on ECOZERO polyester fiber panel (black)
    Price: € 403.00
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    Biography of the artist:
    Valter Viani was born in Certaldo in 1959 and lives in Poggibonsi.
    His painting is abstract and the salient features are an experimental material painting, with the prevalent use of unconventional materials and supports such as wooden panels, fiberglass, aluminum, multi-material sandwiches, sound-absorbing panels and so on, ... with the only imperative to use only recycled materials from production waste. To know more:

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