Ivo Caruso e Alessandro D'Angeli

2 designers.
2 complementary thinkers.
One is Ivo Caruso since 1984.
 The other is Alessandro D’Angeli since 1985.
They studied Industrial Design at Faculty of Architecture at the Sapienza University of Rome, and trained at Lenci Design studio, at the ITACA Research Department and the Lazio Region taking part at the Advanced Training Course in “Product and Process Innovation” and in R&D offices of companies as Slamp and Unopiù.
In 2010 they founded CarusoD’Angeli.
They collaborated with the bi-monthly magazine Design for Made in Italy, attached to DIID, with Studiomartino.5, with the Sapienza University of Rome at the Industrial Design Course as responsible in the organization of the exhibition Sea Style Design in Rimini.
They are creative directors for Il Barone Games Ltd. (Rome) and SUNLAB: FOR A CREATIVE OUTDOOR, an research laboratory concerning the themes of outdoor design.
They worked for Bricocenter, Cuproom, Infiniti Design, Nextime, Vermobil, B&B Italia Contract, Bertoli Valentino, ITF 100%Design, Youmaternity, Modonovo, Specchio Piuma, IFU, Lago, Blueside, Pirondini, Rudi Rabitti, Fiere&Comunicazioni, Rimini Fiera.

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Cuckoo Marconi - Table Cuckoo Clock Art. 808

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Cuckoo Marconi - Table Cuckoo Clock Art. 808

Design Ivo Caruso e Alessandro D'Angeli


Art. 808 Marconi - Table Cuckoo Clock
Quartz movement
The clock tolls each hour with echoed cuckoo sound and background noise of flowing river; it can be turned off and has two levels of intensity....