Jean Michel Frank

Born in Paris by a Jewish family, Jean Michel Frank is the forerunner of a fashion that he preferred, as a categorical imperative, non-colors.
In the Thirties Jean Michel Frank, the visionary designer of excellence, proposed to the sophisticated and precious French elite a radical aesthetic revolution based on a concept of absolute harmony and minimalist elegance.
The style of Jean Michel Frank was so essential to be called "the luxury of the mind", a true celebration of emptiness at an age where baroque suggestions prevailed and Rococo was reigning. Jean Cocteau described him as "a fascinating young man, a shame that the thieves have taken it all."
It was him who played a key role in the birth of a new style, remembered as the "Frank moment".
This philosophy is dominated by all its beautiful works, for example, in the design created by him specifically for Hotel Particulier by Marie Laure and Charles de Noailles at Place des Etats-Unis 11 in Paris, between 1926 and 1927.

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