OSTERIA MARE Collection - Set of 6 dinner plates red or blue

diameter: cm. 28
Price: 147,50 -25%-5% 105,09 VAT included


Made in Italy Made in Italy
HandMade HandMade
Recyclable Recyclable
Arcucci- Osteria Mare Collection

Handcrafted collection made of red pasta from a single quarry. Produced entirely by hand, both the product and the nail varnish and decoration. The ceramic biscuit is cooked at 850 °, the enamel at 1100 ° this temperature gives the product a high degree of resistance . The drying is not carried out "on the back" but on a particular support to prevent the base of the plate rough. This procedure means that the plates are not scratched when stacked.
Suitable for use in dishwashers and microwaves.
Art. Osteria Decoro Mare - Hand decorated dinner plate - Available in blue and red
Art. TPMARE 2700/B diameter cm. 28
Packaging: Carton box containing 6 plates
Shipping times two / three weeks from the completion of the order, except for unforeseen events.

PLEASE NOTE!!! For graphic reasons, the colors of published objects may be different from the original ones. This does not constitute reason for contesting the product.