Misure e rifiniture

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    rif.1-Small Candy Box: H 11,5 cm - diam. 9 cm;
    rif.2-Dessert Plate: D 22 cm;
    rif.3-Big Candy Box: H 13 cm - diam. 11,5 cm;


    Made in Italy Made in Italy
    Recyclable Recyclable
    BIANCOSPINO SILVER Collection - Gift Box

    EGIZIA Luxury design handmade in Italy

    Every Egizia item has a history. First it was devised and designed, then decorated and carefully supervised through each phase of the work process. They begin by selecting and designing the form of the object and creating the decoration, safeguarding a rigorous artistic, iconographic and cultural process which, together with technique, has to keep up high barriers against imitation. It is the heritage of knowledge and experience that the company has accumulated from 1949. What interests the end user are the objects which, though simple in form and use, bring into the home a charge of quality, refinement and preciousness and that reveals the passion of the people who created them.

    Objects in transparent glass. Decoration in hand silkscreen printing with Sterling Silver 980/1000. Fired at 560°.

    rif.1-Small Candy Box Cod_K6469541_size: H 11,5 cm - diam. 9 cm;

    rif.2-Dessert Plate Cod_K6468515_size: D 22 cm;

    rif.3-Big Candy Box Cod_K6469540_size: H 13 cm - diam. 11,5 cm;

    rif.4-Small Plate with Dome Cod_K6469544_size: H 11,5 cm - diam. 15 cm;

    rif.5-Box Sofia Cod_K6469545_size: H 6,5 cm - diam. 9 cm

    rif.1-Small Candy Box Cod_K6469541+rif.2-Dessert Plate Cod_K6468515+rif.3-Big Candy Box Cod_K6469540

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