Paola Navone_TRATTOPUNTO - Tratto Silver_Box 2 Charger Plate L3 Cod. N9028510-diam. cm 35x2H

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    Size: diam. cm 35x2H

    Minimum Order Quantity: Box 2 pcs.


    Made in Italy Made in Italy
    Recyclable Recyclable
    TRATTOPUNTO - Tratto Silver, Charger Plates L3

    Design Paola Navone

    EGIZIA Luxury design handmade in Italy

    TRATTOPUNTO is the name of the new collection designed by Paola Navone.
    The transparency of the glass is complemented by the decoration. Dots and dashes silk screened by hand. Available in white or silver. A shower of dots, like a myriad water drops. The most elementary sign in large or extra large size. Out of scale. And then lines. A lot. Sometimes they are spaced so closely that they almost hide the glass.

    Plates of transparent glass. Handcrafted silk-screen printing with 980/1000 Silver. Fired at 560°.

    CHARGER PLATE TRATTO SILVER L3-Cod. N9028510-diam. cm 35x2H

    Minimum order quantity: Box 2 pcs.

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