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Takehiko Mizutani

Mizutani is known around the world for its coffee table with crossed steel base and glass top. The product is entirely made in Italy. Perfect piece of furniture for the kitchen or dining room.

BAUHAUS CLASSICS - Takehiko Mizutani - MZ59 Table diam. 120 cm, in chromed steel, crystal top

1.244,40 -35%-5% 768,42 VAT included
BAUHAUS CLASSICS_MZ59 - Table Matrix International diam. 120 cm, in chromed steel, plate glass top

Takehiko Mizutani 1928

- 100% Made in Italy -

"Member of the Bauhaus in 1927 Takehiko Mizutani was one of the few Japanese students to have attended school . The table has never been part of any production ...