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BABILA 2702 - Wooden Pedrali stool H_65, wooden seat

    Misure e rifiniture

    Size cm 34,5x34,5 - seat h cm 65 - Kg 3,4


    Certified Certified
    Made in Italy Made in Italy
    Recyclable Recyclable
    BABILA 2702 - Wooden Pedrali stool H_65, wooden seat

    Design Odo Fioravanti

    - 100% Made in Italy -

    Ash wood barstool with an extreme lightweight look where the die-casted aluminium footrest is perfectly jointed to the legs. Height 650 mm.

    Available in bleached ashwood or black stained, footrest in satinized, white or black stained die-casted aluminium.

    Standard packaging: 1 pc.

    PLEASE NOTICE!!!!!! -The height of the stool should be 25/35 cm less than the floor.

    Shipping times four weeks from order confirmation, except for unforeseen events.
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