The Spring Promo is coming! - From 20/03 to 20/04 special prices on many products - Discover the incredible offers of the "Spring Promo" with...

The Spring Promo is coming!

From 20/03 to 20/04 special prices on many products

Discover the incredible offers of the "Spring Promo" with discounts up to 50%.


Friday 12 February 2021

How to illuminate the living room

The living room, unlike all other rooms in the house, hosts a wide range of activities, unique to each person. It could be the place where we entertain our friends and family, stretch out on the sofa to rest, read a good book, binge on our favourite ...


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About us

Visit our e-commerce means discover our professional path: 50 years of experience in the furniture world. The seats of the companies for which we worked as agents appear in 4 and 5 star hotels, in small yet very exclusive hotel chains, clinics, universities, theaters, ice-cream parlours, coffee-bars, restaurants and private houses of the three German speaking countries: Germany, Switzerland and Austria, which we chose as our working area.
Needless to say, in these countries the essential requirements are seriousness, professionalism and reliability - and of course the quality of the products. One of our great strengths is the big direct knowledge of the production of one of the partners, who started his own production of tables and chairs at the end of the '60s. Have followed personally all stages of the production process to arrive to the finished product, always allowed us to not just "sell" a product, but to emphasize the strengths and advise our clients about the furniture that, in terms of design and functionality, better suited to their needs - both in contract and residential sector.

Another element in common of both partners is the passion for modern and contemporary design, and especially for the Made in Italy: we are proud to emphasize the peculiarities, the special - sometimes handcrafted - processing of products we offered, and which have always been our strength, in comparison with the standardized products of larger companies.

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Curious to know which products our customers buy the most? Here is a selection of the BEST SELLER categories!

Re-editions of timeless design tables with many variations of marble tops and finishes.

Timeless tables, chairs and accessories perfect to be inserted in every space of your home, from the bedroom to the dining room.

To each table it is necessary to have an appropriate chair and in this category we really offer many with an infinite number of variations.

From the re-editions of the drawings of the master ALDO LONDI and the historic Rocchetto collection by ETTORE SOTTSASS to the latest collections of CHRISTOPH RADL, QUINCOCES-DRAGO, and MICHELE DE LUCCHI.

From the collaboration with the SOTTSASS ASSOCIATES studio to contemporary designers such as PAOLA NAVONE and NINCHI E LOCATELLI.

Real unique pieces made by master glassmakers. An Italian excellence that the whole world envies us.

With this brief description we hope to have whetted your curiosity and given you interesting ideas for your purchases. But if you are still undecided or have special requests, contact us! We are here to advise you.