Contract furniture

The furniture for public premises, known as "contract" by insiders, is a special section of interior furnishing. Working in this area requires great experience and expertise, improvisation is not possible.

With us, customers will always find the utmost professionalism, for two reasons:
- direct experience in hotels and restaurants;
- twentyfive years of specific professional experience in this area.

In order to recommend a public premise manager in the right way, it’s essential to know his needs, be informed about the requirements for special equipment, offer fireproof and certified products, be aware of the specificity of various materials.

It’s also fundamental, of course, to know the different types of "public premises": furnishing a coffee bar, a restaurant or café is completely different from furnishing a hotel, which is unlike larger places such as hospitals, universities, cinemas and theaters.

We put at your disposal all our professionalism to assist and advise you in the realization of your place, following your requests and perhaps giving you some tips...

Trust us! You are in good hands!
Renzo Renzi - Francesca Mari