Brief History of Eero Saarinen's Chair and Tulip Table

Published: Tuesday 14 January 2020
In all the official texts concerning the great architects of the Bauhaus, a school of applied art born in Germany in 1919 under the guidance of Walter Gropius, it appears that after its forced closure in 1932 for political reasons, many of its major exponents such as Walter Gropius , Marcel Breuer, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, emigrated to the United States...Read more

A new look for Italian Design Contract

Published: Thursday 08 October 2020
A new look for Italian Design Contract products: 100% Made in Italy design.Choosing a beautiful dress for a new and exciting journey is an important choice, even online: et voilà, no more colours, a drop-down menu even more usability, to facilitate the choice of the model and a clearer view of the sections of the page.Here are the first differences ...Read more

Garden furniture, here are the trends

Published: Thursday 03 September 2020
Summer has a main must-have for furniture: the well-kept garden. The outdoors is not just a simple outdoor space: it is interpreted as a house in itself, it becomes a living area, a relaxation area where you can spend your free time. To furnish it in the best possible way, the experts design the green zone as the room of desires. The garden furniture...Read more

Contemporary art, 5 style tips for furnishings

Published: Thursday 16 July 2020
Contemporary art what a passion, even at home. The signs are clear: the latest furnishing trends are pop style, inspired by the most original and avant-garde artistic expressions of the current creative season. Explosive colors and irregular shapes also find their place in the living rooms with classic taste and furniture, in the Spartan studios of...Read more

Bauhaus Lamps

The Trick to make Furniture Unique

Published: Friday 05 June 2020
Bauhaus lamps, the trick to enhance your FurnitureSophisticated, glamorous and brazenly original. Bauhaus lamps are not reduced to the latest furnishing trends category, but are a true mood of life. The power of light is only an accessory, they revitalize the style of classic environments and enhance contemporary interior with an essential element:...Read more

Smart working: how to adapt your home to the office

Published: Friday 20 March 2020
In this period where we all have to stay at home, work can be carried on thanks to smart working. Certainly a necessity for many, for others it could be an opportunity to start a new lifestyle. Mail, chat, sharing programs, webcams and other digital tools are the means by which this mechanism can proceed.But how do you organize to create a fixed station...Read more

Bauhaus: places to see and events not to be missed

Published: Thursday 05 March 2020
With its one hundred years just last year, the Bauhaus, full name Staatliches Bauhaus, was not only a school founded in 1919 in Germany. He was also the point of reference for all the movements of design and modern architecture close to rationalism and functionalism. The school had several locations between Weimar, Dessau and Berlin, where it closed...Read more

Italian Design is renewed: this is how the website changes

Published: Saturday 02 November 2019
What is Italian Design? Italian Design is an all-Italian brand that operates in the furniture sector. And that, since its inception, works to offer its customers quality furniture. Thanks to the seriousness and professionalism that the staff employs in the sales phases of the products, and thanks to the experience cultivated in the German-speaking countries,...Read more

Bitossi, from the Salone del Mobile to… Italian Design!

Published: Friday 24 May 2019
Last April we were at the Salone del Mobile, and we found lots of news and unmissable goodies for you. An example? The new Bitossi collections, brands we have always believed in and that - year after year - conquers us and amazes us. A historic Florentine company that for generations has brought the excellence of ceramic manufacturing to the world,...Read more

2019, many new products ready to conquer you

Published: Wednesday 23 January 2019
2019 will bring with it many new features. New products, carefully selected to satisfy your tastes and your desires. To intrigue you, to conquer you, to give birth to emotions and amazement. Because this is precisely what we are trying to do since the birth of Italian Design: to find out for you the best products on the market, the most particular,...Read more

The Aristoscratchers, only for "gentlemen cats"

Published: Tuesday 23 October 2018
The cat is one of the most common domestic pets in our homes, , yet it is the "least domestic" of animals. This is because - and who has a cat knows it - it has a character that is hardly tame. Yet, despite being a very independent animal, it fills the house with its presence. A presence that can sometimes be a bit intrusive, especially if the house...Read more

Cockoo d'Apres, the artistic clocks of Pirondini

Published: Thursday 27 September 2018
Can a cuckoo clock become a work of art? Yes, if it is a clock from the Cucù d'Apres collection by Pirondini. If the classic cuckoo clocks in the shape of a house may seem outdated, the clocks of this collection will delight the lovers of art and design. Why? Because every watch is dedicated to a painter or a contemporary artist. Printed on MDF, medium ...Read more

Le zie di Milano: Italian design and ecological heart

Published: Wednesday 01 August 2018
Le Zie di Milano have an ecological heart, and an all-Italian soul. They have the creativity of Marcello Vecchi, an engineer and designer with thirty years of experience who - among the various awards obtained in his career - includes the prestigious Compasso d'Oro; and they have in themselves the delicacy of Rosetta Orlandini, born in 1917 and teacher,...Read more

The new Bitossi Collection, between Art & Design

Published: Wednesday 13 June 2018
Born in 1957, Nathalie Du Pasquier is a French designer with a strong artistic side. Before designing products, it is in fact a painter who - with her unmistakable stroke - gives life to objects with a unique personality. Over the years, he has customized furniture, fabrics, clothes, jewelry; he created countless works, dedicating his life to painting...Read more
Published: Monday 16 April 2018-TAGS:

Valsecchi and Pinocchio

Published: Monday 22 January 2018
Valsecchi 1918, the historic company from Bergamo, has decided to put the year of foundation in its own brand. Just to underline the origins of the group that as a production of tip had the construction of wooden toys.Pinocchio is the wooden toy par excellence! The puppet we all know. One of the first books given, the protagonist of the story of the...Read more

100th anniversary of the birth of Ettore Sottsass

Two Exhibitions celebrating the famous architect and fotographer

Published: Tuesday 26 September 2017
On the occasion of the centenary of the birth, two monographic exhibitions, one in Milan (September 15) and one in Germany (until September 24), pay homage to Ettore Sottsass, the Austro-Italian architect born in Innsbruck in 1917 and died Milan at ninty years.There is a planet is an exhibition (and a book) that opens at the Triennale Design Museum...Read more

Guadalupe - Bethan Laura Wood for Ceramiche Bitossi

Published: Saturday 29 July 2017
Inspired by the iconic language of Bitossi Ceramiche, the designer Bethan Laura Wood designs this vase, taking on the Florentine Rimini Blue collection. The pieces are in terracotta, characterized by a dark green surface and engraving inspired by the Basilica of Mexico City dedicated to Our Lady of Guadalupe, from which he takes his name.Bethan Laura...Read more
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