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CLASSICI BAUHAUS - Marcel Breuer - Wassily BR35 - Armchair in Leather

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    Dimensions: cm 79x70x72H


    Made in Italy by Arte&Design Made in Italy by Arte&Design
    100% Made in Italy certified product. See the official certification document here.

    CLASSICI BAUHAUS - Armchair Wassily BR35 in leather

    Marcel Breuer 1925

    - 100% Made in Italy -

    This Breuer project is commonly considered to be the first experiment with a metallic seat, although there was a cantilever chair presented by Gerhard Stuttgen in 1923, in addition to a patent obtained in 1922 by Harry Nolan in the US for a metallic tubular cantilever chair. The armchair was nicknamed "Wassily" in honor of Wassily Kandinsky, whose home at the Bauhaus was probably designed.

    Inspired by the project of 1925 of Marcel Breuer, this chair is manufactured with cold roller tube diam 20x2, polished and chromed at 26 micron. Welded caps on visible structure holes.

    Assembiling holes for elements are completed with thread rods and welded to the frame where are placed Allen screws of 6 MA. Thanks to these, hide elements can be replaced in case of deterioration.

    Hide elements can be in full grain (back side) or standard (flesh side), stitched.

    Dimensions: cm 79x70x72H

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