A new look for Italian Design Contract

Published: Thursday 08 October 2020-
A new look for Italian Design Contract products: 100% Made in Italy design.

Choosing a beautiful dress for a new and exciting journey is an important choice, even online: et voilà, no more colours, a drop-down menu even more usability, to facilitate the choice of the model and a clearer view of the sections of the page.

Here are the first differences that catch your eye when you land on the new product pages.

Italian Design Contract, launches a new graphics, where the details will make the difference. Under the large photo of the product, you will find a slider that will allow you to click on the detail you are interested in seeing enlarged.

Next to the price and the relative discount, the novelty is the icon with the pickup truck that will allow you to know if shipping is free. For a clearer layout, the box for deciding the quantity of products to order has been moved from the detail, but remains present in the checkout.

Last, but not least, the position of the reviews of immediate visibility reviews, located in the top right corner, above the product title.

But if you want to get a culture (or simply learn more) about that type of object you have opened, a small button will appear at the bottom that will open on its short history. Immediately above, the navigation sub bar will help you navigate the site in a more precise and structured way. Each button takes you back to the chosen section: video editing, documentation, review and also the matching products.

In just one click, you can furnish your home with precious design objects. Finally, the brand has also been registered (now you will find the TM) with 100% Italian certification.

Browsing IDC's e-commerce means browsing the professional path made up of fifty years of experience in the world of furniture. The "seating furniture" of the companies that have represented in these years are in 4 and 5 star hotels, in small but very exclusive hotel chains, in clinics, universities, theatres, ice-cream parlours, coffee-bars, restaurants and private residences.

Another fundamental element is the passion for modern and contemporary design, in particular for the Made in Italy of which we have always tried to underline the peculiarities, the special processing sometimes also handmade, of the products offered and which have always represented the strength compared to the standardized products of large groups.

"Selling" remains a reductive concept: it is fundamental to awaken interest and curiosity to give the object that added value that will make it appreciate and remember over time, that detail that touches the emotions and nourishes the personal sense of beauty.
Happy surfing!