Bauhaus sofas, 5 style tips

Published: Thursday 12 November 2020-
Bauhaus sofas are sophisticated, elegant, in a word, original. The living room, focusing on this stylish object, frees itself from anonymity to become a small temple of trend.
Are you afraid that opting for a Bauhaus sofa for the living room is only for experts in the field? Let yourself be guided by our 5 style tips to furnish your living room with a sophisticated touch that will enhance your decor.

Discovering Bauhaus sofas
Art dictates the guidelines of aesthetics, technique forges functionality, both blend with the magical touch of inspiration. Thus a Bauhaus style sofa is born.

A well-known school of architecture and design founded in Germany and already popular in the twenties of the twentieth century, the Bauhaus has generated a real movement of innovation in lines and shapes in furniture. It is an ever-present furnishing trend that involves all the protagonists of the indoor world.

Sofas represent the essence of the mood of this style. Strictly beautiful to look at, they evoke relaxation and intimacy at first sight, without ever giving up comfort, thus reflecting the principles of design on which the German school is based.

The first Bauhaus sofas are the result of the genius of masters of architecture such as Eileen Gray or J. Hoffman, and were created as sofas to cheer the waiting of customers in the classic rooms for guests, mostly in professional studios. Over the years they have become living room sofas, transforming the entertainment room of one's own home into a room of pure comfort.

Leafing through the gallery of Italian Design, the richest in the sector in terms of Bauhaus proposals, it is possible to discover an exclusive range of sofas, suitable for every style and furnishing requirement. For example, the models by Eero Saarinen, in different fabrics and colours, reflect the essence of the German school, enhancing the latest furnishing trends, while the Bauhaus style sofas of the Florence Knoll line, upholstered in leather or fabric, are more classic. Buying such a sophisticated sofa means enhancing the living room by focusing on originality that does not renounce elegance. The line inspired by geometric shapes, without reproducing them passively, is the strong point of the furniture coined by the designers of the German school.

A Bauhaus sofa is beautiful and comfortable, following the aesthetic theories of the early twentieth century that do not renounce to technique in furnishing. Sophisticated parallelepipeds, innovative shapes, chrome-plated bases with wooden structures covered with foam up to cushions of different densities are the Bauhaus features to be consulted in the dedicated section of our website.
Now that you know more about the concept of Bauhaus sofas, discover the 5 style tips to better match these little design jewels with your furniture.

The style tips to enhance Bauhaus sofas
- Choose the right location. Bauhaus sofas are "creatures to themselves": with such original shapes they deserve a leading place in the living room. Maybe far away from the walls and well spaced from any tables.
- Play with colours. The lines are essential and sophisticated, the colours cold. Play with multicoloured cushions, change them according to the latest furnishing trends. Your Bauhaus sofa will change its skin according to the seasons.
- Match appropriate furniture. The classic low table at the foot of the sofa is perfect for this style, but don't go wrong with the matching. It's best to opt for Bauhaus coffee tables and avoid fatal mistakes.
- Do not eliminate furnishing accessories. With a sophisticated sofa, do you think you should eliminate carpets and furnishing accessories so as not to exaggerate? Nothing more wrong, the living room will seem too spartan. Unleash your imagination by staying on theme.
- Focus on vintage. If you want to revolutionize the entire living room and buying a Bauhaus sofa is just the first step, opt for vintage and it will be a revolution in furnishing in the name of elegance.

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