Simonetta Doni

It is difficult to define precisely the profession of this Florentine; a woman of great charisma, fascinating and "stylish" specializing in a profession she herself invented.
Simonetta Doni is a wine designer. In fact he is the wine designer! A clear-cut designer specializing in the creation of wine labels.
A successful career dedicated to the care of the image of wine through her dress. A creative that through experience has acquired the secrets of communication and wine marketing and has combined a timeless taste. A woman dressing the bottle, exalting her with the label.
"The success of wine also depends on how the label represents it. It's the first impact with the consumer, an impact that can be decisive on purchasing. "How to make her wrong in a world where the image is all. An excellent wine, without proper dress loses appeal ...
In just a few years, Simonetta Doni has set out with her grace, her intuition and her feminine creativity in a historically masculine world like wine. Today he owns the "Doni & Associati" studio, one of the few in the world specialized in the image of winemaking companies. Among its customers are some of the most important international companies, but also young and innovative companies.