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Rimini Blu - Round Vase ZZ999-79

    Price: 75,00
    Dimensions H 15 cm - Ø 15 cm


    Made in Italy Made in Italy
    RIMINI BLU - Round Vase ZZ999-79

    Design Aldo Londi (1911-2003)

    Manifattura Bitossi Ceramiche Artistiche

    The Rimini Blue Collection of ceramics was created in the early fifties by Aldo Londi, the former Art Director of the Manifattura Bitossi. From then on The Manifattura became identified with this particular group of objects.This unique colouring produces a strong character which is at the very core of the collection with such individual style. The blue colouring presents a myriad of different tones and shades which are enhanced by green and yellow brush strokes. The surface of the clay is deliberately irregular and is embossed with small geometrical patterns.
    The fantasy of the shapes is simple, almost naive: animals, vases, pitchers, bowls....
    Every piece bears the Bitossi stamp, a guarantee of the production quality.

    Round Vase ZZ999-79

    Dimensions h. 15cm - Ø 15 cm

    Shipping times If available, 2-4 weeks from order confirmation. Otherwise up to 8 weeks from the order.

    IMPORTANT Every piece has been made and painted by hand. Small imperfections that sometimes can be noticed witness the originality and the crafty manufacturing process of the product.

    PLEASE NOTE!!! For graphic reasons, the colors of published objects may be different from the original ones. This does not constitute reason for contesting the product.