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MATUCANA - Ceramic fat plant

    diam. cm 8-10-15-22-29-35
    Price: 67,84 -25%-5% 48,34 VAT included


    Made in Italy Made in Italy
    HandMade HandMade
    Recyclable Recyclable
    MATUCANA - Ceramic fat plant


    Made in Italy

    This collection of ceramic plants is the expression of craftsmanship that comes from the deep bond between the master potter and the earth and the summer colours of Tuscany. Each piece is made entirely by hand and is an unique object, complete with its own guarantee and certificate of authenticity.


    MATUCANA TP 659 - Ceramic fat plant diam. cm 8;
    MATUCANA TP 660 - Ceramic fat plant diam. cm 10;
    MATUCANA TP 661 - Ceramic fat plant diam. cm 15;
    MATUCANA TP 662 - Ceramic fat plant diam. cm 22;
    MATUCANA TP 663 - Ceramic fat plant diam. cm 29;
    MATUCANA TP 664 - Ceramic fat plant diam. cm 35.

    Shipping times: four weeks from order confirmation, except for unforeseen events.

    PLEASE NOTE!!! For graphic reasons, the colors of published objects may be different from the original ones. This does not constitute reason for contesting the product.